2.8 HTML Text Formatting

2.8 HTML Text Formatting

Formatting elements were designed to display special types of text:

  • <b> - Bold text
  • <strong> - Important text (displayed as bold)
  • <i> - Italic text
  • <em> - Emphasized text (displayed as italic)
  • <mark> - Marked text (displayed as highlighted yellow)
  • <small> - Small text (displays text slightly smaller than usual)
  • <del> - Deleted text (displayed as strikethrough)
  • <ins> - Inserted text (displayed as underline)
  • <sub> - Subscript text
  • <sup> - Superscript text

There is also a <br> (line break) tag to insert a single line break into the text. (Simply adding another paragraph tag does not start a new line.)


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <head lang="en">
        <title>Text Formatting</title>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
            This is normal text<br>
            <b>This is bolded text</b><br>
            <strong>This is strong text</strong><br>
            <i>This is italicized text</i><br>
            <em>This is emphasized text</em><br>
            <mark>This is marked text</mark><br>
            This is <small>small</small> text<br>
            <del>This is deleted text</del><br>
            <ins>This is inserted text</ins><br>
            This is <sub>subscripted</sub> text<br>
            This is <sup>superscripted</sup> text



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