Web Development

Web Development


About this course

Ever stumble upon a stunning website and wonder how it was made? With this course, you’ll become a web developer by delving into HTML/CSS. By the end, you’ll have a strong web design foundation and your own webpage built from scratch.

Web Development Levels

LevelTopics CoveredPrerequisitesAimed at
Intro to Web DevIntro to HTMLHTML TagsIntro to CSSCSS PropertiesAdvanced CSSFinal ProjectBootstrap
4th-12th grade


Thank you to everyone who helped make this course possible!

  • Josh Joseph (South Brunswick High School c/o 2023)
  • Neha Peddinti (South Brunswick High School c/o 2023)
  • Rebecca Dang (Evergreen Valley High School c/o 2021)
  • Matthew Chen (Bronx High School of Science c/o 2022)
  • Keerthan Sanjay (Adrian C. Wilcox High School c/o 2024)


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