1. Create game display
    • Create and title project
    • Choose background
    • Delete cat sprite
  2. Create two paddles
    • Create and name sprites
    • Resize sprites
    • Place sprites on screen (one paddle to the left, and one to the right)
    • Create a game loop for the paddles
    • Create a velocity variable (only for y coordinate)
    • Create an isDown variable (this variable will check if any keys are pressed down)
    • Set value of velocity variable based on keyboard input
      • Example: If ‘W’, change velocity by 10
      • Example: If ‘S’, change velocity by -10
    • Change the y value based on the value of the velocity variable
  3. Create and display two points tables on the screen
    • Set the initial score of each points table to 0
    • Increase the number of points a player gets by 1 every time the ball hits the wall on the opposing player’s side
    • The game ends as soon as one player has 21 points
  4. Create ball element
    • Create and name object
    • Resize object
    • Create a game loop for the ball
    • Set initial position of the ball to the center of the game display
    • Create variables called xVelocity and yVelocity
    • The game starts when the ball starts moving - the ball should start moving when the spacebar is pressed
    • If the ball hits the top of the game display, multiply the value of yVelocity by -1
    • If the ball hits either paddle, multiply the value of xVelocity by -1
    • Change the position of the x value of the ball by the value of xVelocity
    • Change the position of the y value of the ball by the value of yVelocity
  5. Create clear game instructions to be displayed at the beginning of the game
    • Explain the objective of the game
    • Explain how to play the game
  6. Create display for the end of the game
    • Display the words “Game Over”
    • Display each of the users’ total points
    • Prompt them to play again

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