9.5 Iterating Through Dictionaries

Iterating Through Dictionaries

Iterating through dictionaries is very similar to iterating through lists - that is, you can use for loops.

You should be familiar with the following methods to iterate through dictionaries:

  • keys
  • values
  • items
# Iterating Through Dictionaries

contacts = {"Daisy Johnson": "2468 Park Ave", "Leo Fitz": "1258 Monkey Dr"}

# iterate through each key
for name in contacts:

# or, use keys() method
for name in contacts.keys():

# using each key to print each value
for name in contacts:
    # prints each address associated with each name

# iterate through each value using values()
for address in contacts.values():

# iterate through keys and values using items()
for name, address in contacts.items():
    print(name + ", " + address)

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Output of the above code:

Daisy Johnson
Leo Fitz
Daisy Johnson
Leo Fitz
2468 Park Ave
1258 Monkey Dr
2468 Park Ave
1258 Monkey Dr
Daisy Johnson, 2468 Park Ave
Leo Fitz, 1258 Monkey Dr


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