At C4T, we believe in the power of partnership. We know it will take a large coalition of change-makers in order to have the greatest impact. This is why we collaborate with other non-profit organizations to bring STEM-related opportunities to students.



If you are interested in forming a partnership with us, please fill out the form below to unlock an entire range of benefits, and change the world together.

Our Partners

The Amal Foundation


The Amal Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to educate youth living under the poverty line internationally about entrepreneurship, engineering, and design.


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Irvine Lights


Irvine Lights is a 501(c)(3) organization aiming to empower the next generation of leaders with essential STEAM skills.


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Girls Click


Girls Click is a social venture dedicated to closing the gender gap in STEM and building a community of STEMinists through female-led initiatives! Michal Tucker, a high school junior from Washington, D.C., founded Girls Click in 2019 to not only encourage young girls to pursue STEM careers but to also connect girls who already have a passion for the field.


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Impact Numbers


75% of parents are likely to enroll their child again


A majority of parents said their child had a positive experience with C4T


100% of parents said it was easy for the child to access class material





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