Next Steps

So you've completed the instructions in Get Started. Here's some information on what comes next.

Team Meetings

Every Saturday from 3-4 PM PT, Code 4 Tomorrow has an all team meeting. Projects will meet separately to discuss project related content.


Our organization's main time zone is Pacific Time. If you aren't sure about what time zone a meeting is in, please ask for clarification. If you are in Pacific Time, you should still always specify "PT" when discussing meeting times.

Where are meetings held?

Both all team meetings and department meetings are held on the Code 4 Tomorrow Discord server on the following voice channels (VC):

  • All team meeting: General Meeting VC
  • Department meeting: Department VCs
    • Outreach Meeting
    • Internal Affairs Meeting
    • Classes Meeting
    • COCO Meeting

Enoch Bot will send a reminder that there is a meeting that day at 8 AM PT on the #announcements channel on Discord, and will also send another reminder at 3 PM PT when the meeting starts.

How do I join a voice channel on Discord?

Where can I find the meeting agenda?

Head over to the page on our Notion workspace.


Meeting agendas from before March 2021 are located in the Volunteer Resources shared Google Drive (use the +folder volunteer command on the C4T Discord server to get a link to this) under Internal Affairs > Documentations > Meetings.

How do meetings work?

All team meetings start with 30 minutes of organization-wide announcements and discussion in the General Meeting VC (led by the core team) and then ends with 30 minutes of department-specific discussion in department VCs.

Department meetings are 60 minutes of department-specific discussion in department VCs.

Core team members typically will jump around voice channels to see what's going on, but department directors/project leads will be leading the discussion in department VCs.


It is the responsibility of the core team, department directors, and project leads to fill in discussion points on the meeting agenda before the meeting occurs.

What if I can't make it to a meeting?

Attending the all team meetings is mandatory. You are also required to attend at least 1 department meeting a month (though you are encouraged to attend all of them to stay in the loop).

However, in extenuating circumstances, if you cannot make it to a meeting, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Mark yourself as "E" for "Excused" on the meeting attendance spreadsheet for that meeting (use +attendance on Discord or click on the link at the top of the Meetings page to access the spreadsheet)
  2. Notify the team in the #meetings channel on Discord a brief reason why you can't make it that day. (No need to be specific, something quick like "I have a prior commitment" or "I have to attend to a family matter" is sufficient.)
  3. Go over the meeting agenda on your own time to get caught up on what was discussed.


We recommend that you peruse our Discord Guide, especially if you have never used the Discord app before or you want to understand the different roles a user can have.

We also recommend that you review the different commands that Enoch Bot offers. Enoch is our custom Discord bot which helps with user verification on our servers and also providing quick access to links.


You can also use the +help command to view information about each command on Enoch Bot.

Google Drive

As you already know, we use Google Drive through our Google Workspace accounts. Here's some tips you should keep in mind when using the C4T Google Drive.

  • All files are located in shared drives so that access to files is fast and easy. You can access shared drives by logging into your Google Workspace account, going to Google Drive, and then clicking on "Shared drives" on the left sidebar.
    • All files and folders in these shared drives are already shared to the right people. That means you most likely will not need to change sharing permissions on individual files or folders as long as you create files/folders in the shared drive (or move them into the shared drive).
    • If you do need to change sharing permissions, make sure that you only give the permissions necessary for people outside of the default permissions. Be extremely careful with broad permissions such as "anyone with the link can edit."

Shared Drives

Name of shared driveWho has accessTypes of files
Volunteer Resources
Everyone in a department Google Groupcode4tomorrow@gmail.comhello@code4tomorrow.org (owner)Select members of Irvine Lights
Files for C4T members
Admin Resources
Everyone in the Leadership and Board Google Groupscode4tomorrow@gmail.comhello@code4tomorrow.org (owner)
Sensitive files, leadership applications, account login info
Teacher Resources
Everyone in a department Google GroupEveryone in the Teachers Google Group (view access only)code4tomorrow@gmail.comhello@code4tomorrow.org (owner)
Teacher-created resources, teacher plans, teacher FAQs, etc.
  • Make sure that you name files appropriately so that they can be easily found through a search. For example, instead of naming something "Schedule," it would be better and clearer to name it "Summer 2020 Class Schedule."
  • Avoid using Google Drive shortcuts unless absolutely necessary. It is almost always better to actually move the file or folder instead of creating a shortcut. Shortcuts are confusing because the actual file/folder is located somewhere else. They are also annoying to organize because they can only be deleted/moved by the shortcut owner.

Taking Breaks / Leaving the Organization

We understand that C4T is one of many things our busy high school volunteers do in their lives, and that taking a break or leaving the organization is sometimes needed. We don't want anyone getting overly stressed over C4T, so if you need to take some time off, please do so.

What we do expect, however, is that you notify us beforehand so that we can plan accordingly. You can read more about our policy on this in the Bylaws.

If you do decide to take a break or leave the organization, we'd love to have you back when you're ready! Simply shoot us an email or message and you can get back to work in no time.


We highly recommend that you peruse the training materials under the section to familiarize yourself with the tools needed to succeed as a C4T member.