Google Workspace

Google Workspace


Total: 15 minutes 10 minutes - Activate your Google Workspace account 5 minutes - Verify your account information

Your new Google account

When you join the discord, Volunteer Management will create your personal Google Workspace account. If it is not created within the first day please ping volunteer management in questions. Think of this as your C4T "work" email - everything we do on Google apps (e.g. Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides) will be done on this account.

Additionally, when you are contacting people (e.g. parents, sponsors, mentors, etc.) as a C4T member, you should use your C4T Google Workspace email. You are expected to monitor your C4T email on a daily basis to answer questions or complete action items.

All C4T personal account emails are as follows:

[first name] [last initial]

For example, if my name was Jane Doe, my C4T email would be:

Set your password

To activate your account and set the password for it, you should check the email you used to sign up as a C4T volunteer (likely your personal email) and look for an email with a subject like "Your Google Account password for Irvine LIGHTS has been reset by your administrator."

This is what your password reset email might look like.


Click on the blue "Reset password" button to set your password. Make sure it is a strong password that you will remember (or use a handy password manager).

Make sure you set your password within 48 hours of receiving the password reset email, because the link to reset your password will only be active for that amount of time.


Didn't receive an email?

Please ping @Volunteer Management on Discord and ask them to create an account for you.

What's Irvine LIGHTS?

Irvine LIGHTS is the non-profit we are incubated under. They provide Google Workspace to us for free.

What if I forgot to set my password within 48 hours?

Don't worry! Message @Volunteer Management on Discord to resend your password reset email.

Do C4T administrators know what my password is?

Nope. It's completely private, no one in C4T knows your password.

Verify your account info

Besides setting your password, you should also verify your account information by going to (Make sure you are logged in to your C4T email.) You should make sure that the following information is correct:

  • Your full name
  • Your recovery email address (probably your personal email)
  • Your recovery phone number (probably your cell phone)
  • Your "job title" (e.g. Member, Project Lead, Director, etc.)
  • Your department
  • Your Google Workspace email address (first name + last initial)
  • Your "work email" (probably your personal email)
  • Your "work phone" (probably your cell phone)

Checking your full name

When you first open My Account, you should be able to check if your name is correct.


Checking your recovery phone and email

If you click on the Security tab, you should be able to verify your recovery methods.


Verifying your recovery methods is crucial! If for some reason you forget your password or get locked out of your Google Workspace account, this is how you will be able to regain access.

Setting your profile picture and checking your C4T email address

If you click on the Personal info tab, you can set a profile picture and check your contact info.



While it is not required, we highly recommend that you set a profile picture. It might not be your actual face, but it helps distinguish between users and it makes the workspace more fun and personal!

Check your "job title", department, "work email", and "work phone"

If you scroll down on Personal info, you can check other info by going to "About me."


Under "About me," click on "See organization info"


Here you can see your job title, department, and contact info. Make sure it's correct!



What should I do if my information is incorrect?

First, you should try correcting the information yourself. For example, you should be able to set your own recovery email and phone number. If you can't correct the info yourself, contact @Volunteer Management on Discord and they should be able to fix it for you!