Google Groups

Google Groups


Total: 5 minutes 5 minutes - Join the appropriate Google Groups

How we use Google Groups

We use Google Groups to mass email departments and manage Google Drive files. For example, if you send an email to, it will essentially "forward" that email to everyone in that group. The Volunteer Resources shared drive is also shared with the Google Groups, not individual Google accounts, which is why it is crucial that you join the correct Google Group to get access to those files and stay in the loop.

Additionally, members of the public can send emails to these Google Group email addresses if they have questions. For example, a parent with class scheduling questions might email, and their inquiry will automatically be sent to everyone in the Classes Google Group. Anyone in the Google Group can respond as the Classes Google Group through the collaborative inbox feature. Your department director may also assign you to respond to an email conversation.

Find and join your Google Groups

On your Google Workspace account, go to

To find and join a group, click on "All groups" on the left sidebar.

Click on "All groups"
Click on "All groups"

You should then see a long list of Google Groups. To join a Google Group, click on the join group button on the right side:

The join group button
The join group button

You should click on the join group button for all groups you are supposed to be part of:

  • Your department group
  • Your project group (if applicable)
  • Your leadership group (if applicable)

If you are in Public Relations, you are also required to join the Support Team Google Group ( If you are part of the leadership team or board of directors, you should have been added to the Leadership and/or Board Google Groups ( and