You only need to do this step if you are a curriculum developer (e.g. on the Java project of the Classes Department). Otherwise, skip this page.


Total: 10+ minutes 5 minutes - Create your GitHub account 2.5 minutes - Send your GitHub username to your project lead ~ Wait for the project lead to send an invitation ~ 2.5 minutes - Accept the invite to the C4T GitHub organization


What is GitHub?

GitHub is a website that allows software developers to host code repositories (files) for free online. It is integrated very well with Git, a distributed version control system (think Google Docs for code).

What does C4T use GitHub for?

Curriculum developers store example code, practice problem template code, and practice problem solution code on GitHub. C4T has its own GitHub organization where we store all of our repositories. Since our course GitHub repositories are public, Students and teachers can also look at/download code from GitHub.

What if I don't know how to use Git and/or GitHub?

Don't worry! We've got you covered in the Training section.

Create a GitHub account

Go to to create a GitHub account (if you haven't already).

Send your GitHub username to your project lead

Mention your curriculum project lead(s) on Discord (e.g. @Java Lead or @Python Lead) with your GitHub username and which GitHub team(s) you need to join. They should add you to the C4T GitHub organization and the team(s) you need to be part of.


Only users in a team have Write access to that team's repository. That means if you get added to the Python team, you can only edit the Python repository. If you are only added as an organization member, you will only have Read access to all of C4T's repos.

Accept the invite

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