Those who are C4T members but are not part of the leadership team are part of a primary department and 1 or more projects. They report to their project lead(s).


  • Currently in high school (rising 9th grader to rising college freshman)
  • Was qualified for the project(s) they applied to OR demonstrated initiative to learn the skills needed to succeed for the project(s)
  • they applied for demonstrates C4T’s core values (integrity, empathy, initiative)


  • Complete tasks in a timely, detail-oriented, and high-quality fashion
  • Check all organization communication platforms on a daily basis for important updates
  • Check and update all organization productivity/management platforms on a regular basis (at least 2-3 times a week)
    • For example, members should update the status of action items so that project leads and directors know the progress of projects
  • Attend at least 2 all-team meetings a month and engage in the meeting (e.g. talk out loud/put thoughts in the chat)
    • For any team meeting that is missed, it is the responsibility of the member to notify Documentations that they could not make the meeting before the meeting occurs by adding their first name and last initial to that week's meeting notes under the "Couldn't make it" section with a brief reason why they can't make it (e.g. "Jane D. - Prior commitment"). The only exception to this rule is in extenuating/unexpected circumstances.
  • Take initiative to complete tasks or ask what needs to be done especially if a task has not been explicitly assigned
  • Ask questions if help or clarification is needed
  • Encourage other members to fulfill their duties
  • Moderate Code 4 Tomorrow Discord servers (if they have the permissions)

Available Positions

C4T Job Board
C4T Job Board


Who can be a member at C4T?

Motivated and passionate high school students who meet the qualifications above and can carry out the responsibilities above! Coding experience is not required for most positions! (In fact, we need more people who have skills like graphic design, marketing, documentation, public relations, etc.)

Will I be interviewed to be a member at C4T?

Yes, we interview all prospective members.

What's the difference between a member and a teacher?

A member is a volunteer who is part of C4T and helps to run the organization. For example, a C4T member can develop curriculum for our courses or run our seasonal classes. Members have a more intense, long-term commitment.

A teacher is a volunteer who is chosen by C4T to teach for one of our seasonal class sessions. Teachers are thus not officially part of C4T, but they are essential to our mission.

Can I earn volunteer hours? How do I get them certified?

Yes! We can certify your hours with an e-certificate and we can also provide the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) if you are eligible. If you need to get your hours certified, check out Volunteer Hours.

It is the responsibility of each individual teacher to record their own hours. Hours cannot be certified without proof in the form of those records.

What counts as volunteer hours earned for Code 4 Tomorrow?

Broadly, you can earn volunteer hours for anything you do that is directly related to Code 4 Tomorrow. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Writing up documents for students and parents to use
  • Editing the C4T website or GitBooks
  • Assigning action items on Trello
  • Attending team meetings
  • Teaching classes
  • Actively moderating the Discord server
  • Creating spreadsheets for class schedules
  • Training teachers during orientation or mod training
  • Developing curriculum
  • Writing and sending emails to potential partners
  • Advertising C4T programs on social media



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