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Registration period will start on June 20th, 2022 and end on July 10th, 2022.

Computer science is a rapidly expanding field, but not every school offers students the opportunity to learn it. Code 4 Tomorrow provides free, virtual coding classes to students from elementary to high school. Seize your chance to become a part of the future today—it's as simple as the click of a button.


Why Learn With Us?




C4T has a variety of courses that are all free and online. We are also a global organization, so students from anywhere are welcome and able to participate.



Nothing! Our classes are 100% free :)

Our courses are designed for students aged 10-18 years old (grades 4-12). Adults (18+ years old) are not allowed to register or participate in our classes (high school seniors who are 18 years old are still allowed to participate, however).
Generally, our beginner courses are aimed at elementary and middle schoolers. Our intermediate courses are aimed at middle and high schoolers. Our advanced courses are aimed at high schoolers.
However, there are exceptions to this. For example, our Scratch course is engaging for elementary schoolers, but it may be too easy for high schoolers. On the other hand, our machine learning course is recommended for high schoolers only, including the beginner level.
Students are encouraged to register for classes they will do their best in, no matter their grade level. Please refrain from registering students in courses that are too advanced for them and read the prerequisites carefully.

Students or parents can fill out a registration form for one of our programs. On that form, they can choose the courses, dates, and times they prefer. Our Class Scheduling team will then match students to their preferred classes to the best of their ability.
Unfortunately, due to high demand and varying teacher availability, we cannot guarantee that students will be enrolled in all classes they sign up for. However, we always try to make sure that each student gets into at least 1 class they want.
About 1 week before classes begin, parents should receive an email confirming their student's enrollments.

Our Class Scheduling team processes schedule change requests only in extenuating circumstances (e.g. if there is a schedule conflict and the student absolutely cannot attend the class they signed up for). We unfortunately cannot accommodate requests that are submitted due to student/parent preference.
In the event that you need to request a schedule change, please email our Class Scheduling team at classes@code4tomorrow.org or message the #questions channel on the C4T Classes Discord server.


Check our our Courses page for a list of courses.

You can email us at classes@code4tomorrow.org and request for the course to be added.
If you are interested in creating curriculum for other languages or CS topics you don't see on our list, we’d love to have you on our Curriculum Development team! You can apply to be a member here.


We have 4 sets of days:

  1. Mon & Wed
  2. Tue & Thur
  3. Wed & Sat
  4. Thur & Sun

And 6 different time slots (all in Pacific Time):
  1. 12-1 PM PT
  2. 2-3 PM PT
  3. 3-4 PM PT
  4. 4-5 PM PT
  5. 5-6 PM PT
  6. 6-7 PM PT

Your student's teacher will provide a Zoom or Google Meet link so that classes can meet remotely. Teachers may also decide to hold meetings on your class's private Discord voice channel. (To learn more about how we use Discord, see our Discord Guide)

To ensure a productive learning environment, our student-teacher ratio is no larger than 15:1. Our classes vary in size depending on teacher availability and student demand for any given class.

Yes, teachers may assign students coding homework that they should be able to complete within 30-60 minutes.

It is up to your student's teacher as to where coding will take place. In the past, teachers have used in-browser IDEs (integrated development environments) such as Replit , which simply require internet access.
Other teachers, especially those teaching more advanced classes, may ask that students download a separate IDE or text editor application to their computers. However, teachers will guide students through this process on the first day of class - students don't need to do anything beforehand.

If your questions haven't been answered by the FAQs above, first check out our General FAQs on our About page. If your question still hasn't been answered, ask your question in the #questions channel on the C4T Classes Discord server or email us at classes@code4tomorrow.org.