A C4T ambassador is a student volunteer who promotes C4T on social media. Learn more about how our organization works here.

Want to become an ambassador?

Do you use social media often?

Are you interested in helping kids around the world get access to high-quality STEM education?

If you answered yes to these questions, C4T's Brand Ambassador Program is perfect for you! We are looking for committed folks who are willing to volunteer some time and effort to make STEM education accessible to all.

Apply now to become a C4T Brand Ambassador!


  • Volunteer hours
  • Access to mentorship
  • Features on our page


  • Must be in 6th grade or higher
  • Self-motivated
  • Hard working
  • Demonstrates C4T's core values (empathy, integrity, and initiative)


If you can't view the embedded form below, click here to apply.



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