What is Code 4 Tomorrow (C4T)?

Code 4 Tomorrow's uniqueness lies in the fact that we are entirely student-run, from the official website to merch design and finance management. Fiscally sponsored by Irvine LIGHTS, C4T is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers free coding classes to students around the globe, as well as community service opportunities to our members and teachers.

Our Mission Statement:

C4T aims to provide a bridge that connects students worldwide to their future by linking professionals and executives to mentor students, and providing a dynamic, driven team of high school students to teach topics from the humanities to STEM. We aim to inspire the next generation to consider career paths in Computer Science or STEM.

Our Impact:









Founding Story:

Code 4 Tomorrow Founding Story Picture

Code 4 Tomorrow’s roots lie in Code It Bay Area (CIBA), a local Bay Area, dozen-sized volunteer group that lasted for 3 years until March 2020, when only two active members (Ansh Nagwekar and Jyoti Rani) remained... However, when the global pandemic struck, the students decided to step up, unite, and collaborate to aid the 1 billion children out of school. That’s when Code 4 Tomorrow launched and became an official non-profit. In just a few weeks, students with similar interests gathered at Code 4 Tomorrow, forming a team of 30+ dedicated members. Though the pandemic presented numerous difficulties, the students' resilience completely restructured the organization. New teams were formed to create new custom online courses and facilitate multiple partnerships to enable global expansion.

Ranging from New York to Lebanon, our students now enjoy over 7 different courses taught by 60+ teachers, and our dedicated volunteer team continues to broaden our impact and spread our mission. The C4T Family has always had a focus on empowering the underprivileged. Especially given the context of today’s world, where solutions to societal problems lie in innovation and technology, we believe that improving access to technical education and resources is the best way to uplift the underrepresented. So, we’re here to teach them those skills, turning today's students into tomorrow's innovators.

Our Core Values:

Code 4 Tomorrow's Core Values
    Empathy is ...

  • Understanding that we have a responsibility to make STEM education accessible to as many people as we can because not everyone has the same resources and accessibility to those resources as we do
  • Empathizing with others and showing respect regardless of their background, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Acting in a kind, courteous, and professional way
    Integrity is ...

  • Doing the right thing especially if no one is looking
  • Giving proper credit where credit is due
  • Owning up to your mistakes and learning from them
    Initiative is ...

  • Working to improve the state of the world now rather than later, because we know education is urgently needed to solve the world’s problems
  • Proactively completing tasks
  • Thinking about the future of the organization, not just how it is now
  • Demonstrating leadership, especially (but not only) if you are part of the leadership team

Meet Our Team!

Our Teacher Alumni!

Aditya Chidambaram

Bavina Inuganti

Archita Naik

Areeba Rashid

Andrew Tu

Amaan Mahammad

Emith Uyanwatte

Martin Liu

Jeevan Prakash

Eric Mao

Justin Sun

Aditi Ajoykumar

Amulya Prasad Rhayabhagi

Ansh Nagwekar

Alveera Munshi

Jordon Delos Reyes

Achintya Rajan

Michael Wu

Atij Mahesh

Mary Zhao

Neha Peddinti

Vaishnavi Kunapuli

Richard Yu

Aditi Ajoykumar

Eshaan Kaipa

Anirudh Brahmarouthu

Ada Glinski

Asmi Mohamad

Rivan Parikh

Eamon Su

Nandini Venkiteswaran

Michal Tucker

Richard Xu

George Patricio

Asmi Narsay

Christopher King

Samin Chowdhury

Akshan Chand

George Sucuzhaney

Parth Palliwal

Trisha Maturi

Aditya Manikonda

Ke Hao Chen

Maya DeBolle

Aryan Misra

Krishnan Tholkappian

Mustafa Farooqui

Pooja Raghuram

Haardik Gupta

Michael Peng

Maaz Abbasi

Aayooshi Dharmadhikari

Joel Jothiprakasam

Sharvani Vadlamani

Afra Mahammad

Sarah Zunaed

Ridhima Yalaka

Suhyeon Kim

Jeremy Tow

Annabel Truong

Rivan Parikh

Tejas Raghuram

Nathan Gong

Adwin Sujin

Jasleen Chhatwal

Trisha Ganesh

Nihaar Charagulla

Josh Joseph

Daniel Qiu

Pranav Kunnath

Christopher Elliot Hall

Matthew Chen

Nicole Abudayeh

Saakshi Juju

Qunyh Nhu Le