Social Media Member

Mar 30, 2021 6:23 PM

Recommended Skills:

  • Canva Experience
  • Experience with Social Media Analytics
  • Can recognize color schemes and aesthetics

Please note! If you are interested in learning these things, but don't have experience, you should still apply! We'll teach you what you need to know.

Job Description

Being part of the Social Media team entails creating content for all of our social media, including but limited to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Primarily using Canva, be able to design engaging posts and advertisements. Our purpose is to make our mission known to many and market our classes and organization. Using social media is a great way to bring in new volunteers and students, so being able to develop a steady flow of content is a sure way of bringing more attention to Code 4 Tomorrow.


  • Respond to Social Media pings on Discord
  • Create content within a timely manner
  • Keep branding in mind (colors, font, etc.)
  • Contribute to other forms of content such as Reels and Tiktok
  • REPOST new posts so your following gets to know about C4T
  • Update the lead of your progress and be sure to ASK QUESTIONS if you are confused
  • Be on top of your work
  • Observe what changes in the Instagram (and other social media's) algorithm